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Study Topics for Today's Society Include:
and much more...

This is an excellent tool to utilize in your local church for Sunday school classes, seminars, teacher training, small groups, VBS, outreach and much more.  We want all selections to focus on current issues and concerns in today’s society. New selections are added periodically.

Review the list of studies and make your selection. We suggest that you choose more than one because your first selection may already be rented. If you are unsure of your selection, you can arrange for a free preview. If you decide not to rent the video, return it to the district office. You are only required to pay the shipping cost. To save on the cost of shipping, return your selections via Media Mail wrapped in brown paper.

To rent, arrange for a preview, or reserve a selection, or to make a donation, contact Ruby by phone: 814-938-6920 or email:
Another church may want to use the selection you have so please return it to the district office immediately when you are finished with the study.

We accept donations for the district library. The church donating the video will have free use of it at any time.  You will also receive the value of the video in free rentals.


     Church of the Small Things - Melanie Shankle

    Meaningful life is really found in the Small Things!  It doesn't matter how old we are or what kind of work we do, we've all wondered at times, "Does my life really matter?"  Do the everyday events and messy moments make any kind of difference?  Is it okay to be fulfilled by the simple acts of raining  kids, working in an office, and cooking chicken for dinner?  This six session Bible study speaks directly to the heart of women of all ages who are longing to find significance and meaning in the normal, everyday world of attending class on their college campus, driving carpool to soccer practice, cooking a meal for their family, taking care of a sick loved one, or a million other things.  Rental cost $15.

    Christ-Centered Parenting – by Russell Moore and Phillip Bethancourt.

  • How do we raise Godly kids in a broken world?  In this 6-session resource Moore and Bethancourt seek to equip not only parents but also churches and ministry leaders to be conversant on topics such as pornography, identity, homosexuality, abortion, technology and more from a gospel perspective.  This resource is designed to give you an understanding of the current issues, examine them from a biblical framework, and challenge you to lead your family to engage the culture with the gospel of Christ.  Rental cost $15.  

    Jesus Among Secular Gods by Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale    

    As belief in the secular gods of atheism, hedonism, relativism and humanism continues to grow, it's more important than ever for believers to be able to defend and share the claims of Christ. Throughout Paul's writing in the New Testament are references to elemental forces that seek to separate believers from the love and truth of Jesus.  This study helps seekers explore the claims of Christ and provides Christians with the knowledge to articulate their faith that Jesus stands tall above all other gods.  Rental cost $20