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Issachar Coaching Cluster

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Coaching Clusters

Because coaching is filled with life-changing experiences, you are encouraged to take an active part this season in Coaching Clusters. Start with other pastor/pastors' wives who are also new to the process. We are planning a great season with new ways to not only live-out the challenge yourself, but also encourage others in the process.

Start-up dates and locations:

   • Altoona - first Thursday of each month at the Altoona Alliance Church from 8:30 am with fellowship  

   • Clearfield - second Tuesday of each month at various locations beginning at 8:30 am with fellowship led by Bernie Knefley

   • Erie - first Tuesday of the month at Flightpath Fellowship beginning at 8:30 am
   • Franklin - second Thursday of the month at Franklin Alliance Church beginning at 9:00 am
   • Greensburg - second Thursday of each month at Greensburg Alliance Church from 8:30 am with fellowship
   • Ridgway - third Thursday of each month at Emporium Alliance Church beginning at 8:30 am
Please plan to arrive at about 8:30 am for a cup of coffee or juice as we greet one another and catch up on personal friendships. Many of the groups go to lunch together. That is optional. Please let us know you are coming. If you have questions or concerns contact the office by phone 814-938-6920 or email


ABIDING IN JESUS CHRIST - Competencies                                                                                             

1.      Growing in Intimacy with Christ 
2.      Crucifying Self
3.      Claiming God’s Armor
4.      Exercising Spiritual Disciplines
5.      Practicing Sacred Pathways


Claiming the Promise, Presence & Power of the Holy Spirit
2.      Obeying the Holy Spirit
  • Quench Not
  • Grieve Not
  • Resist Not
3.      Being Filled With the Holy Spirit
4.      Manifesting the Fruit of the Holy Spirit
5.      Exercising the Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Thinking Strategically - Competencies

1.      Defining Realities
2.      Providing Direction
3.      Facilitating Action
4.      Thinking Divergently
5.      Thinking Convergently

LEADING SELF - Competencies

1.      Developing Christ-like Character
2.      Establishing Christ-like Priorities
3.      Maximizing God-given Abilities
4.      Establishing Healthy Relationships
5.      Sharpening the Saw/Learning for Life

LEADING A TEAM - Competencies

1.      Building Trust-filled Relationships
2.      Communicating Effectively
3.      Unleashing People to Act
4.      Cultivating Effective Teams
5.      Developing Leaders

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