It's simple. Jesus told us to "Go and make disciples..."  By the power and authority of His Spirit, He sends us on mission to the world - to Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria and the ends of the earth.  So we go!

If we're serious about the Great Commission, we need to live very different lives. We may need to do risky things, sacrificial things, odd things. We may even need to be a bit odd ourselves.  You might even say "peculiar."

Annual Missions Conference

 Every Alliance church is required to have an annual missions conference.  The WPA Choice Tour differs from traditional district tour in that it provides greater flexibility to the church. Instead of being assigned, the church may now choose its type of international ministries emphasis, dates, and international workers.  Twenty-eight weekends from September thru May are set aside during the year for churches belonging to the Choice Tour to schedule their missions conference. 

International Workers for 2018-2019

     1. David Kindervater representing Japan
     2. Tim representing CAC Arab Lands
     3. David and Lu Ann Woerner representing Chile Spring 2019

You will need your user name and password to complete the online scheduling form.  TO LOG-IN, click on the IW Profile link in the right hand column.  Review the profile for each worker, choose a worker and date, then click on the Online Scheduling link and complete the form.  You will receive confirmation within 3-5 business days.

Quick Reference Guide
To save time before you schedule online, check out the quick Reference Guide in the right hand column to find out what dates are open for each International Worker.  Many churches have scheduled so there are very few fall dates available.

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IW Profiles

• WPA Choice Tour Manual 2018

Quick Reference Guide for Open Dates
A list of District Churches that scheduled a mission conference.

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