Building Strategic Global Relationships

A relationship with our International Workers (IW) opens doors of opportunity for our congregations to send the Good News to least reached people. Our goal is that each of our churches find creative ways to ENGAGE with the world through Alliance networks. To do that we provide these services for you:

1. Building Relationships
Strong relationships with International Workers and your church inserts us into a dynamic partnership of caring for one another, connecting in personal ways, and going there to work side by side with them. Schedule an IW to speak and build that relationship: Contact Marcia Nagel, or Ruby Piszker,

WPA District offers special scholarships to pastors to make a "Global Connect" trip to an Alliance country to begin building that relationship with its congregation. Contact Paul Keidel,
2. Praying
Consistent and meaningful prayer for the International Worker deepens the congregation's conviction and support; and the IW grows in their connection with the congregation as they pray for needs:
     • For weekly prayer updates:
     • For weekly district updates: Barbara Volle at
     • For weekly PowerPoint prayer info: Denise Howard at
     • For monthly bulletin insert: in the right hand column

3. Giving
Everything we have belongs to God. We are His stewards.
We learn to give by faith just like we live by faith. By our giving investment we directly reach into the work of our IWs to take the Good News to least reached people. The easiest way to do this is through the local church.
     • To give directly: and choose the country or worker that you are praying for.
     • For consulting help: For how to best give to the global cause, contact

4. Sending
Deepening people's engagement as the congregation becomes a "Sending" church. International Work is fulfilled in four ways.
     • Young people for short-term: Envision experience to grow in Christ:         term
     • Professionals to serve in business, medical work, social work, etc:
     • Clergy related ministries: and choose "aXcess"
     • Relief and Development: and choose "CAMA"

Organize a short-term experience in relationship with the IW partner. Preparation and follow-up to this experience is vital. Contact Paul Keidel, Challenge and train youth in cross-cultural service at ministry sites in Cleveland, Atlanta, NYC, etc. Become a mentoring-sending church as the congregation grows a culture of nurturing potential sent ones. You can become this kind of congregation:
     • To learn more about mentoring young people for ministry contact Denise Howard, Candidate Development, at
     • To learn more about receiving an ALME (Alliance Licensed Ministry Experience) server contact Paul Keidel at

5. Promoting
The local congregation builds the cross-cultural relationship by arousing people's knowledge and involvement in a culture of global Alliance Mission - 365 days of the year.
1. Host a minimum of one event with an IW each year - and you can do it quarterly if you want! Schedule an IW to speak and build that relationship: Contact Marcia Nagel at or Ruby Piszker @
2. Show Alliance Videos and choose "articles and videos."
3. Promote and read A-Life magazine. Subscribe every member to receive a copy in their home: and choose "articles and videos."
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4. Incorporate Alliance missions and IWs in Sunday School, Bible studies, small groups, Awana, to build the relationships deeper.
5. Develop a relationship based partnership with the IW from your district. Contacts for more information: Marcia Nagel or Paul Keidel