An international partnership involves at least two parties who will benefit from being linked in a relationship.  Many partnerships will include some type of written agreement, including the commitments and expectations for each party.  It is important at the inception of a partnership that district leaders, field directors, regional directors and the director for Ministry Partnerships be involved in the communication and development process.  In Western PA we have streamlined the process of international partnerships to make it easier for you to connect with North and Central Asia by connecting with our 'Fresh-Impact' Partnership program.

Why Partner?

    • To assist international workers in accomplishing Kingdom and field objectives    
    • To mobilize and revitalize a passion for missions in the North American Churches
    • To personalize missions involvement
    • To be strategic-to put your extra Kingdom investment dollars, after the Great  
       Commission Fund, to work on key initiatives in your area of passion.

WPA Missions Mobilization Team

The team is available to serve you - the congregations of the Western PA District - by helping to raise your level of awareness of, commitment to, and involvement with worldwide evangelism and disciplemaking.  They are passionate about the reality that God wants His people to be worshipers and disciples who go and make other worshipers and disciples, who in turn repeat the process around the world.  They also recognize the strategic role of the local church in partnership with God to carry out His mission to all peoples until Jesus returns.  The members of the team are ready to help you develop ministry partnerships with the C&MA International Workers.  View the Missions Mobilization page.

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