2019 Legacy Builders in the lobby of the Carlisle Inn, Sugarcreek, OH
Promotional Video from the 2019 Legacy Builders Conference.


Senior Adult Ministry

Focusing on Ministry to Senior Adults

The Legacy Builders Commission's purpose is to provide vibrant resources, ministry opportunities and effective models to senior adults in motivating greater service in the local church.  The members of the commission believe that senior adults are a vital part of the local church.  They can be a great asset to the ministry of the local church due to their experience, maturity and wisdom.  In the near future, our country will have more retirement age adults than any other identifiable age bracket.  This will provide opportunities as well as challenges  to the local church.  The Legacy Builder's Commission wants to assist the district churches in establishing ministries, providing resources and planning district events to encourage and promote spiritually healthy senior adults.

We Desire To:

  1. Provide assistance to local church senior adult groups.
  2. Recommend resources, seminars and training to help churches in this ministry to senior adults.
  3. Provide opportunities for fellowship, networking and spiritual enrichment for senior adults in our district.
  4. Inform and encourage senior adults to involve themselves in ministry opportunities.

What We Do?

  1. Consultations - Networking: Commission members are always willing to help local churches' senior adult groups get established or be more effective in their ministry.
  2. Adult Legacy Builders Newsletter (ALBN): Publish a newsletter for senior adults that includes articles written by Legacy Builders, Bible study, events, articles from the National Library of Medicine, information from the USDA Center on Nutrition, tip of the day, trivia page and much more.
  3. Bus Trips: The Commission seeks to provide opportunities for fellowship and outreach as they invite senior adults to travel to places of interest, entertainment and enrichment.
  4. Senior Adult Recognition Event: Each year during Mahaffey Family Camp, WPA Churches are encouraged to nominate a Legacy Builder, age 62 or older, from their local church to honor him/her for being a dedicated Christian, who has been faithful with their time, talents and finances in obedience to the call of God upon their lives.
  5. Senior Adult Luncheons: Once a year the commission plans regional luncheons to provide an opportunity for fellowship, networking among groups and to hear a message that encourages spiritual growth.
  6. Senior Adult Retreat: Annually, the commission designs a two day retreat for the purpose of spiritual enrichment and fellowship.
  7. Encourage Participation in National Seniors Events: The commission seeks to promote and provide transportation to biennial National Seniors Conference, to promote National tours and training events.


Rev. Carl Schmidt

Ruby Piszker