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WPA District Office
of the C&MA 
341 N. Chestnut Street
Punxsutawney, PA  15767

Steps to Church Planting 


Church Planting Within Western Pennsylvania

We are looking for highly motivated Christian men who desire to plant new biblically based churches in Western Pennsylvania with The Christian and Missionary Alliance. We will provide a lot of training and some funding to help you succeed!

Why Start New Churches?

The passion of Jesus Christ was to take the Gospel far and wide. He did not want the town down the road to be left without the Good News. He pushed on from town to town, from village to village, modeling how his followers are to reach out to neighboring communities. As established churches plant new churches or forge other outposts of ministry in nearby communities they follow the example of the Master. The Office of Church Planting functions as a catalyst to help extend the Kingdom of God in Western Pennsylvania.

History shows that Christianity has always expanded through the multiplication of new churches. 

• New churches are needed because of the growing number of unchurched persons.  There are approximately four million persons living in the geographical area comprising the Western Pennsylvania District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.  Half to three quarters of this population is unchurched.  
• Cultural diversity requires a diversity of churches.  It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.
• Many people are open to spiritual things.  They need to experience meaningful relationships and see the love of Christ in a local church.  Church growth specialist, Peter Wagner says, "Church planting is the most effective means of evangelism under heaven."
• More churches are closing than new ones are being started.  Among all churches across America, nearly three times as many churches close each year as new ones start.  

God loves people and wants them to be in His family. Healthy churches will effectively reach their community with the Gospel of God's grace by multiplying ministry among various segments of the population both locally and in nearby communities.

You Might Be A Church Planter If:
• You prefer to start things rather than manage something already established.
• You enjoy networking with new people.
• You derive satisfaction from recruiting people to help you accomplish a big vision.
• You know how to build effective work/ministry teams.
• You are passionate about reaching unchurched people.
• You are not afraid to take risks.

How Can I Be Involved?
Planting churches requires a partnership of many people. You can be a partner in one of the following ways:

  1. Prayer Partner: Intercessors are needed to pray that churches will catch a vision to multiply their ministry and be involved in church planting in some way. Prayer covering for a new church plants is needed. Prayer that the Lord of the harvest will raise up workers (church planters and team members to lead new churches is essential for multiplication to take place. It you are interested in becoming a "prayer partner," please email us at
  2. Giving Partner: Adequate funding is always a challenge for new churches. The contributions of giving partners from far and wide help meet the expenses of starting a new church. If you would like to become a "giving partner," please send your church donation to the WPA District Office of the C&MA, Attn: Church Planting, 341 N. Chestnut Street, Punxsutawney, PA  15767. You can either designate your giving for a specific church plant or church planting in general, but please indicate this on your check so we can credit the proper account.
  3. Going Partner: Individuals are needed who feel God is leading them to go out from their church and be part of a core group to form a new church. Partners are needed to assist in various ministry projects of church plants. If you are interested in becoming a "going partner," please email us at