Kathy Anderson: Admin Asst to District Superintendent
        Email: andersonk@cmawpa.org
 License Ordination & Consecration Council (LO&CC)
 District Directory
 District Conference

• Background Clearances

Dana Smeal: Financial Assistant 
      Email: smeald@cmawpa.org
• District Operating Budget (DOB)
• Accounts Receivable
• District Conference Registration

Marcia Nagel: Office Manager
        Email: nagelm@cmawpa.org
 WPA Choice Tour - Missions Emphasis
 Church Health
 Operation Christmas Joy

Ruby Piszker: Admin Asst to Director of Disciplemaking Ministries
         Email: piszkerr@cmawpa.org
• Disciplemaking Ministries
• District Website
• Children's Missions Project
• Great Commission Connections (GCC)
• Heartbeat - monthly newsletter
• ALBN Newsletter
• Senior Adult Events
• Youth and Children's Events
• Media Ministry Library

Debra Wolfe: Admin Asst to Assistant DS and SE Regional Team Leader
       Email: wolfed@cmawpa.org
• License Ordination & Consecration Council (LO&CC)
• Ordination/Consecration
• Pennsylvania Bible Institute

Denise Howard: Candidate Development Coordinator
                    Email: howardd@cmawpa.org
                    Cell phone: 814-443-4702